Diorama Craft: Our Lady of Fatima


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Note: The Our Lady of Fatima Diorama Craft is a digital product. You will receive a PDF file to download and print. No physical product will be shipped to you.

The Our Lady of Fatima craft comes in both color AND black and white. You will not need to choose when purchasing, as you will receive both. This craft is easy to assemble and it is 3D so it can be placed on a table or family altar.

With the color version of the Our Lady of Fatima Diorama, your kids can just focus on assembling the craft without needing to color the craft. With the black and white version, your children (or students) can color the Our Lady of Fatima craft before assembling their diorama.

It probably goes without saying, but definitely do it in that order – color then assemble. 

For a video of how to assemble this type of diorama craft (shown with an Our Lady of Lourdes diorama craft), you can watch my YouTube video about it.

If you want to read directions instead, you can follow these written and picture directions on how to assemble the Our Lady of Lourdes diorama. It won’t look the same, of course, since it’s a different diorama. However, the directions are the same.

This craft prints on 3 pages. (There are three pages in color and three pages in black and white, but you’ll just use one of the sets.)

Each tier of the Our Lady of Fatima diorama is on a separate layer, which makes it 3D – just like a pop-up book!