Peg Dolls: The Nativity Set


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Note: This Nativity Peg Doll set is a digital product. You will receive a PDF file to download and print. No physical product will be shipped to you.

This printable peg doll set has the characters you need to act out the Nativity of Jesus.

For lots of information on peg dolls, please refer to the peg dolls resource page

Patterns in the Nativity Peg Doll Set include the following people:

  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • 3 Wise Men
  • 2 Angels
  • 2 Shepherds
  • Inn Keeper

Important Note about Baby Jesus for Your Set

Baby Jesus is not included. You just have to paint him yourself, but he’s pretty easy, so it’s okay. Trust me.

Just get a smaller peg doll or a “peanut” shaped peg doll and do some simple painting (this picture and more information about making your own Baby Jesus is also in the download):

How to Paint a Baby Jesus Peg Doll

What’s Included In The Printable Peg Dolls Download: The Nativity Set

  • 10 peg doll patterns (again – Baby Jesus is not included)
  • Labels for the bottom of the peg dolls.
  • Step by step directions for each head you need to paint.
  • Tips about how to paint, exactly what materials to use, and exactly how to be successful with decoupaging.
  • Two pages with patterns to follow if you want to cut animals out of wood with a link to information about doing that (camel, donkey, horse)

Want to read more about this set? Here is the original post on the blog about the Nativity Peg Doll Set.

Please Note: The peg doll templates are exactly the correct size for these 3 and 9/16 inches tall, and 1 and 1/8 inches wide peg dolls (affiliate link).