About Lacy

Hi! I’m Lacy. Founder and owner of Catholic Icing. I’m so glad that you’re here! 🙂

Before we get started, I’d like to say that I would have thought that God would call someone more qualified to write Catholic Icing, but I suppose it’s true what they say-  “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.” I have learned and grown so much while writing this blog, and I could not be happier that God led me to it. 🙂 I have been publishing on the web since 2008. Here is a picture of us near the beginning of my Catholic Icing journey when Violet was still just a tid bit. 😀

God has blessed me beyond belief! Here are my children- Lydia is now 12 (can ya’ll believe that?!) Julian is 10, Violet is 8, and Anabelle is 6. I had a miscarriage between Lydia and Julian, and named her Samantha Gianna. I’m never sure where to mention her. I’m sure those of you who have experienced a similar loss understand…

I homeschooled the kids for 8 years, and now they’re in public school. You can read about the transition here. I’ll always be a homeschooler at heart, and me and the kids are still constantly making random projects together.

As I told ya’ll before… I’m divorced now. Sometimes these things just can’t be helped. Seems a little somber to mention it here, but… seems a little disclusive not to. So there it is lol.

Although the shape of our family has changed, we are still a family, and we have a good life together. We are joyful and grateful for our many blessings.

My crew of 4 is always up to something- never a dull moment around here!

All of the kids love doing arts and crafts projects with me, and we actually do quite a lot that never ends up posted here at all. And our house is really colorful. And I love it that way. 😀


Our family also includes some furry, feathered, and scaled members as well!

Toby is our lovable cat, and Lydia’s baby. Ellie is our ferocious guard dog. Do you hear that, you internet stalker weirdos? Ferocious guard dog!

catholic icing pets

And we have 4 chickens. They do lay eggs, but the kids love them like pets.

Many of you have now watched my children grow up over the years here. I never thought about it that way until my inbox was full of tearful responses to Lydia’s First Communion.

first communion portrait

It’s a beautiful thing to have you all in my life as my Catholic community, especially now that I’m back in the south and my online people practically serve as my only Catholic community. Thanks for being a part of Catholic Icing. 🙂

Some more random things about me…
I am passionate about preschoolers, and I wrote a Catholic Preschool Curriculum.
Catholic ABC's The Book
Mass Response Booklet for Children
 When I was 16, and my brother was 18, my parents had another baby! My little brother was born on September 11th… like the September 11th. Our little ray of hope on a day drenched in despair. What a gift to the world! I love him just like my own! He’s not so “little” anymore…
I’m obsessed with purple. I paint in purple, decorate in purple… and all of my daughters are named for the color purple. It took a lot of self control not to make Catholic Icing purple, but ultimately, I decided I didn’t want it to seem perpetually stuck in Advent or Lent.
purple baby names
Sometimes my hair is purple. But honestly, the purple dye never lasts long.
I’m obsessed with Zumba, and I have now danced off 75 pounds! The weight loss was a combination of Zumba, and portion control. No crazy dieting or anything. And I’m now a Zumba instructor as well. 🙂
The weight came off over about 2 and a half years and I cannot tell you with words how much better I feel! I love that I can be more active with my children now.
Confession time- I probably love music more than art… but I’m better at art lol. Anyways, that doesn’t keep me from playing basically any instrument I can get my hands on and/or singing at pretty much at all times.

Oh, do I cook? Sure… I burn, I mean, bake a little!
I love, love, love anything artsy and craftsy!

I’d also like to say that I get asked this question a lot: “How do you do it all?”. My answer is, I don’t. No mom does. And at this point, this is my full time job. So… that’s how I have the time for the stuff that I do. Because of your readership and support of this site. Voila! haha.

For anyone who’s interested in following more of my personal family life, be sure to follow me on Instagram. I use all of my other social media outlets mostly for business purposes, including this site. However, I do have a few posts labeled “personal nature” here.

If you’d like to contact me with a question or a comment, please read my FAQ  page before sending an email. Thanks!

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