Catholic Saint Paper Bag Puppet Templates


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This 25-page booklet includes templates to allow kids to create a variety of Catholic saint paper bag puppets.

Note: This is a digital product. You will receive a PDF file to download and print. No physical product will be shipped to you.

Here is the original post on the site about this product: Saint Craft for Catholic Kids – Printable Templates for Paper Bag Puppets

Template Pieces included in this Booklet:

It’s important to note that this booklet does not include specific saints. It includes templates for pieces that can be mixed and matched to make a multitude of saints. There are also three pages at the end of the booklet with a gallery of sample puppets.

There are also four pages of ideas, tips, and how-to’s for making your saint paper bag puppets.

Templates included in the booklet:

  • head
  • cross
  • bishop hat
  • dress/robe
  • cape/alb
  • basic clothes
  • head veil
  • book
  • flower
  • shoulder cloth
  • collar
  • shoulder cape
  • beard
  • bushy beard
  • bushy hair
  • sword
  • head veil – round
  • staff
  • crown (four styles)
  • skull cap (pope)
  • hat
  • dagger
  • armor helmet
  • shield
  • long hair
  • short hair
  • mustache
  • goatee
  • wings
  • halo
  • dish
  • bird
  • sash
  • arms (two pieces)
  • bonnet/hat
  • head veil – square
  • lily
  • Franciscan hair
  • baby
  • hands (two pieces)
  • shamrock
  • staff (different style)
  • monstrance
  • palm branch
  • priest collar
  • praying hands
  • braided hair
  • feather

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