Have a question? Due to the amazing growth of this blog, I have started to limit the amount of time I spend on my emails. As you can imagine, running this blog takes a lot of time- and I love doing it! However, I am a full time mother, wife, and daughter of Christ, and only a part time blogger. Please read my frequently asked questions before sending an email. Thanks!
Catholic Icing Frequently Asked Questions:


I’m a subscriber, but I can’t find the subscriber bonus page. How can I find it?


Read through this whole instructional page about how to subscribe as where you’ll find the link to the Subscriber Bonus Page for both email subscribers and RSS feed subscribers.  The page comes complete with directions and pictures, so it should be able to help!


Subscriber Bonus Page Instructions

I am having trouble downloading a paid printable that I purchased from Catholic Icing.  Do you have any tips to help me download my purchase?

Steps I would recommend to help with your download:

1. Make sure pop-up blockers are turned off.

2. If you are having repeated problems, consider trying a different computer/device or at least a different web browser (such as Google Chrome, if you’ve been using Internet Explorer, etc.).

3. Since some mobile devices (but not all) can have difficulty with PDF downloads, try opening and saving the document on a different device, such as a laptop or desktop computer.

If you click through on the link more than five times, it will expire your link.  Send us an email to request the link be reset.  Please be patient as you wait to hear back from us with your reset link.

Rabi-WHO? How do you pronounce that last name of yours?

Rabideau is pronounced Ra-bi-dew. Like Mountain Dew, but with rabbits. Most people try to say Ra-bi-dough, like the Pillsbury dough boy. If you do that, I will not be offended, and most likely, I won’t even correct you. 😉

I’m Looking for a Project/Idea that I’m not finding on Catholic Icing. Can you help?

Try using my “search” box located in the right column. I hope you find what you’re looking for! Unfortunately, if you don’t, I can’t write individual lesson plans for anyone or send personal emails with links to other projects. I’m sure you understand how time consuming this could become. But feel free to make a suggestion for a future post!

Questions about the church:

I’m not a theological expert, so I don’t feel comfortable answering questions about the Catholic faith. I know the importance of asking hard questions, but this site is just the “Icing”. Please direct these questions to someone more qualified to answer them.

Can you promote my ______?

I provide free resources to my readers, and I use my site to spread the word about other free Catholic resources as well. I do recommend things from time to time that can be purchased if I use and love the product, but these are usually things I find on my own. If you’re looking to use Catholic Icing as a way to get the word out about your Catholic product, please see my advertisement page.

I’d like to Submit a Project! Will you post it on Catholic Icing?

Cool! As you know, I love to find Catholic projects all over the internet! Please email me your links when you do something you’re proud of- it just might get featured! I will admit that due to the changing nature of blogs (and the addition of Pinterest to the internet world) I don’t “feature” nearly as many projects as I used to from my blog, but I do love to pin them!  There’s more of a chance I will promote a project is you have taken good photographs of the completed project, include directions, and make something that’s easy for others to recreate. You can check out my Pinterest boards here. If you have something you’d like me to see, please send the direct link to that post.

Can I post one of your pictures on my site and/or link to you?

Feel free to link to anything here- and thank you to everyone who does link to Catholic Icing! It is also fine to use a picture for personal use if you link back and give proper credit. Please do not use more than one of my pictures from any one project, and do not re-post directions for completing my projects. I would ask instead that you direct your readers to my site to find more pictures and project directions. It is not ok to use my projects or pictures for monetary gain in any way, or re-publish my material.

Can I use your project for my ____?

All of my personal craft projects, artwork, printables, and ideas are freely shared here at Catholic Icing for personal use only. My work may not be sold or reproduced for profit in any way without my explicit permission. My work also may not be re-published in any form without written permission. I work very hard to keep the resources here at Catholic Icing free to the Catholic community. If you would like to inquire about publishing some of my craft ideas in your Catholic materials, please email me for details and I will send you my prices. Thank you for understanding. I would be happy to answer any questions you have in regards to using the material you find here at Catholic Icing if you send me a personal message.
That’s all, folks! If I still haven’t answered your question, it might be time to send me an email. I love hearing from my readers! Thank you to everyone who lets me know that my site has been blessing their lives! Running Catholic Icing is an important mission to me. I want bring religion to kids in a fun way, and it’s great to know I’m accomplishing that goal!
I can no longer reply to all of my emails, because the above picture is what my life looks like when I’m on the computer. In fact, more often than not I’m actually holding a baby and typing only with one hand. But I want you all to know that I read and cherish each and every comment and email about this blog. Thank you for being such amazing, responsive readers! 🙂
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