Summer With The Sacred Heart (Backyard VBS Program)


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Note: Summer With The Sacred Heart VBS Program is a digital product. You will receive a PDF file to download and print. No physical product will be shipped to you.

Summer With The Sacred Heart is the ultimate resource for Catholic moms that makes having a fun backyard VBS as easy as possible! This whole program was designed and laid out with the busy mom in mind. This program includes over 50 pages to help you execute a fun backyard vacation bible school with your kids.

The curriculum is organized into 3 days, and each of the days has the following resources for you and your kids, ready to go without any guess work!

  • A video lesson
  • Outdoor fun
  • Game
  • Snack-tivity
  • Song
  • Craft
  • Teen activity
  • “Easy Button” alternatives to any crafts, snacks, or activities with more involved materials

Bonus Items:

  • Printable decorations
  • Printable “swag bag” prizes for kids
  • Coloring pages
  • Extra resources list
  • Week at a glance schedule
  • Empty schedule for filling in with your own selected activities
  • FREE coupon code for my Saint puppet ebook
  • FREE printable Sacred and Immaculate heart printable peg dolls
  • and even more!!!

At home vacation bible school is a great summer activity to do with your kids and the perfect way to celebrate June!

For Parishes Or Schools: There is an option for a “large group” file. Your parish, school, or large group can purchase this option, and send it out to the members of that one group. If you purchase the file for small use, it is for ONE family or classroom only. That file may not be sent out to anyone.

Given the quarantine this year, sending out a VBS that your parishioners can do at home with their kids would be a great way to offer them some summer fun and an opportunity to grow in their faith. The children are the future of the church, and they are worth investing in! 🙂

Note: If you have a smaller parish, you can instead buy multiple copies of the family/single classroom use with each of those being good for 25 kids. Then, you can just buy the appropriate number of those for the number of kids that will be using it.