Catholic Notebooking Pages


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This is a set of notebooking pages that pairs with the book Tell Me About The Catholic Faith to create a very easy at home RE curriculum for Catholic kids.

For each lesson, you read a two-page spread from the book above and then complete the corresponding notebooking page.

What Makes This At Home RE Curriculum So Easy:

  • There is no prep work involved at all.
  • It is NOT crafty. Only a pencil and crayons are needed to complete the pages.
  • It’s really affordable!
  • It can be used from preschool through middle school, so the family can study together.

What Is Covered?

This book does a great job of covering all the basics, and things that can easily get overlooked if the kids have been learning more specific stuff. It covers things such as the Bible in general, the most important Old Testament stories, the 7 Sacraments, Sainthood, making good choices, Christianity, a lot of Catholic prayers, Mass, and even hard topics such as the Great Schism and the Protestant Reformation. It goes through the most important moments of Jesus’ life, and the work the Apostles did after Pentecost. It ends with an overview of the liturgical year!

The book is basically broken into thirds:

  1. Old Testament stories
  2. New Testament stories
  3. Catholic teachings

Download Your Copy Now!

You’re only a click away from the easiest RE program you’re going to find for Catholic kids. Btw, this is THE MOST REQUESTED resource from Catholic Icing of all time– for me to finish these pages that I started 5 years ago. It’s just $5 for 79 lessons and 130 pages!!!

Side note: Usually I have an option for a “multiple license”, but with these pages, I am not offering that option. If you have more than one family or more than one classroom participating in this program, please purchase one license for each.
Also, the link above for the book is an affiliate link, which means that when you order it, I do earn a small commission.