Scripture Memory Cards – Prayers and the Mass


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Note: The Prayers and the Mass Scripture Memory Cards Set is a digital product. You will receive a PDF file to download and print. No physical product will be shipped to you.

This is a set of 24 illustrated Scripture memory cards for Catholic kids that reference verses that are found in the Mass or in common Catholic prayers. These are sometimes worded differently than we use at Mass or in prayers. However, this is a wonderful way for kids to memorize verses while also recognizing where words from Mass and prayers come from Scripturally.

Verses included:

  • Matthew 28:19
  • Luke 1:28
  • Luke 1:42
  • Matthew 6:9
  • Matthew 6:10
  • Matthew 6:11-12
  • Matthew 6:13
  • 2 Corinthians 13:13
  • Matthew 26:26
  • Matthew 26:27-28
  • Luke 2:14
  • Matthew 21:9
  • John 1:29
  • John 14:27
  • 1 Corinthians 11:26
  • John 20:21
  • Luke 22:19
  • Revelation 19:9
  • Matthew 8:8
  • Isaiah 6:3
  • Luke 7:50
  • 2 Corinthians 9:15

If you want to read more about these cards, you can read more here: Scripture Memory Cards For Catholics – Printable.

Purchasing Options

There is an option for one family or one classroom. The classroom option covers 25 children. If you need to use this with multiple classrooms or in a group, please purchase one copy for every 25 children. If you purchase this for your family, you should not share it with other families.

There is an option for a whole school or whole parish. If you purchase this option, you may only use it within one single school or parish/religious education program.

Note: If you have a smaller parish or school, you may purchase multiple copies of the one family/single classroom version for every 25 children instead of the whole school/whole parish option. For example: if your religious education program has 100 children that you want to use a project with, you can purchase four copies of the family/single classroom option instead of a whole school/whole parish option.