Catholic Icing Monthly Pack Membership


The Catholic Icing Monthly Pack Membership includes everything you need to celebrate each month:

  • home altar printables
  • activity pages and worksheets for kids
  • a foldable saint mini book
  • coloring pages for kids (and adults!)
  • printable crafts
  • a family activity page
  • extra resources for the month
  • and more!

The pictures included here are from the October 2021 Pack as well as the Starter Pack. The Starter Pack is available to download no matter when you join. The October 2021 Pack is only available from September 16, 2021 – October 31, 2021.

When you join the Catholic Icing Monthly Pack, you’ll get access to new printables before the start of each month that are perfect for your home, family, and children.

Each Monthly Pack is Only Available for One Month

Don’t miss out on a single month!

Each pack will be available at least one week before the beginning of a new month to help you have time to print your materials and get ready. You will have access to download everything until the end of the month that pack was made for.

Your past packs won’t go to waste – we have ideas for how to keep using the materials you print out!

If you miss out on a pack that you want later, you’ll have to purchase it at a higher price because packs will not be repeated.

So, don’t wait!