The World’s Cutest Bible Tabs Ever


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Note: The World’s Cutest Bible Tabs Ever packet is a digital product and the tabs are only available already colored. You will receive a PDF file to download and print. No physical product will be shipped to you.

This set of printable Bible tabs has one for each of the 73 books of the Catholic Bible, with each one having a symbol for something in that book. I’ve found that it makes finding the readings I’m looking for very easy to find!

For any of my Protestant brothers and sisters in Christ, I want to say that all of your books of the Bible are here – just don’t use the ones you don’t need.

Important Note: The tabs are all in color. There is not a black and white version.

How to Use These Bible Tabs

(you can see pictures of how to cut and install them into your Bible on this post)

1. Print out the download. (Printing on cardstock may be preferable to make them sturdier.)

2. Fold the tabs along the line.

3. Cut along the outside edge of the tab with the paper still folded. They all stay connected along the top so the 2 sides stay together.

4. To attach these to my Bible, I used regular school glue. I squirted a few dots on the inside of the tab and spread it with my finger. This assures that you get the glue to all the edges of the tab, and you don’t leave any globs that will dry wrinkly.

If the Bible tabs are too large for your Bible, you can print them out at 80% of the size and they may fit more appropriately. However, at full size, they were the correct size for my Bible.

If you want to read more about this product, you can see the post here: The World’s Cutest Bible Tabs Ever – and They’re Printable!