Seven Sorrows of Mary Activity and Craft Packet


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Note: The Seven Sorrows of Mary Activity and Craft Packet is a digital product. You will receive a PDF file to download and print. No physical product will be shipped to you.

This set does not include the candle wrap or prayer card that is shown in some of the pictures. Those pictures were taken as part of the Catholic Icing Monthly Membership for September 2022.

7 Sorrows Of Mary Craft

This craft includes many pages, so you can choose which variation works for you! This is going to make it so it’s very versatile across various age groups and ability levels.

Your first option is to make it into a 7 Sorrows of Mary mobile craft. You can find directions on how to put together your own mobile in this video:

Here are some more ways you can use these printable craft and activity pages:

  • On the page with the black and white sword outlines, your kids can write in or draw the 7 Sorrows of Mary themselves.
  • There are 2 pages of just swords. One page has the sorrows already written in, and one doesn’t. Your kids can write it themselves on the blank swords, or the swords can also be used to decorate and add to the mobile.
  • There is a numbered teardrop page and an unnumbered teardrop page. Each one includes one artwork per sorrow. For these, you can cut out the swords and the teardrops to make a matching activity for your kids to match the pictures to the correct sorrow on the sword. For younger kids, you can cut them out and encourage them to put them in numerical order.
  • There are 2 sets of sequencing cards. One set has numbers on them, and one set doesn’t. This is so they’re good for a variety of age groups.
  • There is a page with the teardrops around Mary in order. You can display this page while praying the 7 Sorrows Chaplet and mark the current sorrow you are on with a clothespin. Bonus points for attaching one of the swords to the top of the clothespin to “point” at each sorrow.
  • There is a page that’s blank with just the teardrop shapes and numbers. You can cut out the teardrops from the previous page and have the kids line them up on each number as a sequencing puzzle.
  • You can use the teardrops to count the prayers for the 7 Sorrows chaplet
  • You can use the images to arrange a 7 Sorrows wall chaplet
  • Laminate these to make a file folder game for your preschoolers

Your imagination is the only limit to these printables!

I also included the full-size artwork of the 7 Sorrows of Mary for you to display or use in your lessons.

Purchasing Options

There is an option for one household or one classroom. If you purchase this for your family or your classroom, you should not share it with other families or other teachers. If you are purchasing it to use in a classroom, you can make a copy of all of the pages for each student in your class.

There is an option for a whole school or a whole parish. If you purchase this option, you may only use it within one single school or parish/religious education program.