Holy Week in Handprints


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Note: Holy Week in Handprints is a digital product. You will receive a PDF file to download and print. No physical product will be shipped to you.

This printable book tells the story of Holy Week adapted from the Bible, and is illustrated by YOUR handprint pictures.

You’ll find full directions for completing each handprint illustration in the download. Each handprint picture is designed to be loads of fun, and easy to replicate! Even the youngest of children can participate in a handprint craft, and the craft also becomes a keepsake to be treasured.

Features Of This Download:

  • The download includes the story of Holy Week adapted from the Bible, and written in words that children can understand, but is not watered down
  • Colorful, hand-drawn borders surrounding each page
  • Full directions to complete each handprint illustration
  • Tips for making your handprint crafts successful
  • Options for binding your books
  • List of needed supplies
  • How to make “footprints” with your hand (for children whose feet are too big to fit on the page)
  • Different methods of completing the book
  • A possible schedule that follows Holy Week for completing the pages
  • A list that organizes the pages by the color of paint used to make stamping the hands efficient
  • A list of pages to complete for an “abridged” version where you only need to complete 9 pages

Pages In This Book:

  • 1 printable cover with a cross and directions for brightening it up with fingerprints
  • 2 pages for Palm Sunday where Jesus rides the donkey into Jerusalem and the people cheer “Hosanna” with palm branches
  • 1 page for Holy Monday that tells the story of the people selling at the temple and Jesus overturning the tables
  • 1 page for Holy Tuesday that tells about Jesus teaching at the temple and highlights Jesus’ new commandment of love
  • 1 page for Spy Wednesday where Judas schemes to turn Jesus in for 30 pieces of silver
  • 6 pages for Holy Thursday- Jesus predicts Judas’ betrayal, the first Eucharist, Jesus washes the feet of the disciples, Jesus’ prediction of the denial from Peter, and Jesus takes them to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray.
  • 4 pages for Good Friday- Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss, Peter denies Jesus, Pilot washes his hands of judgement, and Jesus is crucified.
  • 1 page for Holy Saturday- Jesus is inside the sealed tomb
  • 2 pages for Easter Sunday- an angel is at the tomb, and Jesus is risen!

Purchasing Options

There is an option for one family or one classroom. The classroom option covers 25 children. If you need to use this with multiple classrooms or in a group, please purchase one copy for every 25 children. If you purchase this for your family, you should not share it with other families.

There is an option for a whole school or whole parish. If you purchase this option, you may only use it within one single school or parish/religious education program.

Note: If you have a smaller parish or school, you may purchase multiple copies of the one family/single classroom version for every 25 children instead of the whole school/whole parish option. For example: if your religious education program has 100 children that you want to use a project with, you can purchase four copies of the family/single classroom option instead of a whole school/whole parish option.