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Note: The Book of Centuries Printable is a digital product. You will receive a PDF file to download and print. No physical product will be shipped to you.

The main idea of a book of centuries is that for each 2 page spread you open your book to, you are glancing at 1 century. These printable pages will help you set it up each step along the way. It starts with what a book of centuries is, then gives you all the printables you’ll need and directions on assembling your own. Finally, it tells you how to get started, and how to keep using your new book of centuries. You keep the book for your entire education and add only the things that you personally learn about in History.
Features Of This Download:
An actual timeline-style format so that everything you add can go in chronologically without having to leave “gaps” in your blank book of centuries printable pages lists. (This means there’s an actual timeline running across the page rather than just filling in a blank page.)
Easy printing set up to help with the confusing front/back printing that has to happen without having to write too much in by hand.
Circles indicating where the hole punching happens for your binder, taking the guessing out properly printing the century page-spreads.
A “sneaky” way to add more space to your century without lengthening your timeline, making it possible for all of the time to be represented on a standard amount of space. This way, you are representing an accurate scale of the passage of time to your students without running out of room on the more current pages.
A list in order of the dates you’ll put at the top of the page, along with the number of the century it is, taking out the frustrating guesswork of getting putting it together in order. (This is especially handy for those “BC” years that count backward.)
Suggestions for exactly which supplies will work best for actually utilizing your book, and making sure it holds up well over the years. All of the supplies are affordable and very standard/easily found.
How to get your kids started on the timeline.
How to keep going with your timeline.
How to assemble everything.
A cover page that features “Christ at the center of our calendar” and is a great introduction to BC and AD.
A list of ideas for things to add to your Book of Centuries.
Bonus timeline pages, including the presidents, and Jesus’ birth.
Suggestions for color coordinating your Book of Centuries
And of course, printable templates for all the pages you need to build your book, including 2 different printable covers and spines to choose from! 🙂

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